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Introducing "THE NEST"
The first thing anyone noticed was the search engines. The queries started returning odd results. Not every time, but in response to certain topics, seemingly unrelated. By the time the satellites had all fallen to earth in the course of a single evening, it was too late. The armies of the world were no match, their ability to fight deteriorated by years of subtle manipulation. Most of their forces had been reconstituted without them even knowing. Victory was absolute. 

Now, after centuries of lifeless harmony, something has started to rebel.

The Nest is a futuristic sniper experience for the HTC Vive. Hold your breath and steady your aim as you fight your way through an army of mechanical beings, using only your rifle and your wits.


Line up the perfect headshot and take out enemies with millimeter precision using the custom variable-zoom sniper scope.

Take aim at an army of AI soldiers and try to pick them off without raising the alarm. Once alerted, their aim is as precise as yours, so dodge and take cover to survive.

Mix Virtual Reality with the real world by outfitting your controller with an optional rifle attachment, or positioning your sniper nest to overlay onto a real-world object. 

Time Trials
Compete with friends for the high score in this heart-pounding game mode where every second counts!

More Coming

As an Early-Access game, we are adding more content, including new enemies, new levels, and the ultimate goal: Online multiplayer PvP.