Our Team

Ryan Smith
Founder, Creative Director
Ryan started in the video games industry making games that never shipped, which he can’t talk about. He then worked on cutting-edge Augmented Reality hardware that he can’t talk about. Then he got into room-scale VR, and now he won’t shut up.

Victor Brodin
Lead VR Developer, Professional Swedish Post-Rock Drummer
Victor never stops learning about VR and immersive technologies, which incidentally makes him a perfect teacher. Sporting the T-shirt collection and sleep habits of a professional musician, Victor can be seen nearly breaking his neck performing slack-line stunts that we refuse to watch.

Hunter Zinkil
CFO, VR Designer, Professional Rock Guitarist
Not to be outdone by Victor, Hunter has toured with multiple bands across the globe, and has played every video game ever made. A finance guru by accident, Hunter somehow finds time to also have perfect hair every day.

Joshua Jonas
COO, Fixer, International Business Specialist
A fellow entrepreneur, Josh has made his mark with ventures ranging from social media to cyber-research and emotional behavior analytics. He is fluent in Chinese and an avid tabletop game designer.